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Day 1 Again

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

However many Day 1's you need. . .

Often, we get caught up in what was not done

What should have been said or what has just begun

Who should have gone where or what got left behind

Who misunderstood what, or what was misaligned

Where we should be by now

How so and so broke their vow

Where we got distracted and off track

How we wish we had those years, or that time back

But God is not a God who should lie

And His word lets us know to him draw nigh

For everything works together for our good, it is true

And His love will never run out; it actually seems to accrue

So, when we repent with sincerity of heart

God willfully and without hesitation grants a new start

When we make a mistake and acknowledge it and admit it

God still grants favor and another chance because we took ownership

When we get off our exercise regimen because we worked late

Or we broke our strict diet for one night due to a great date

Though we hold ourselves accountable for not having the will to abstain

We shake it off and move on having a Day 1 again

We keep moving forward, learning from the mistakes of our past

But we live in the Day 1 again as long as it will last

Hopefully we get to Day 2, 7, 10, or even fifteen

But if we need another Day 1, from those lessons and weak moments, we glean

Day 1 again doesn’t mean success cannot be obtained

Day 1 again just means from certain weaknesses we need to train our brain

For it is in our mind, that day 1 again and again needs to occur

For our mind leads the spiral that makes success seem a blur

Day 1 again means getting refocused and back on track

Day 1 again means acknowledging mistakes and derailments and cutting self some slack

Day 1 again means accepting of our flesh and our human imperfections

Day 1 again means striving to be better, always seeking God for direction

Day 1 again means being thankful that each day, God gives new mercies

Day 1 again sometimes comes after confronting controversies

Day 1 again means letting go of bitter, unforgiveness, anger, and aggression

Day 1 again means saying bye to sadness, melancholy, detachment, and depression

Day 1 again means a fresh start, a new day, and new opportunities

Day 1 again welcomes broken strongholds and crushing insecurities

Day 1 again embraces the royal priesthood, the unique creation

Day 1 again embodies God’s eternal love and walks boldly in perpetual salvation

Day 1 again includes starting over, re-routing, and finding your way

Day 1 again requires determination, discipline, and deciding daily to slay

Day 1 again calls upon liberation and freedom to walk into your Godly destiny

Day 1 again opens up to relationship, entrepreneurship, and all things heavenly


Lamentations 3:22-23 - The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.

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