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Bouncing Back

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Resiliency comes not from a path that is easy breezy, but by going through the valley.

Bouncing back from that situation that left you in ‘Pause’

Bouncing back from that encounter that left you wrapped in gauze

Bouncing back from those words that cut so deep

Bouncing back from the guilt and shame of when you decided to creep

That relationship that didn’t work out, that marriage that ended in divorce

That job that quit you, all of these things can throw you off course

That relationship that drained the life out of you, that marriage that you fought to keep

That job that no matter how much time and energy you invest, life from you continues to seep

How do you bounce back from such life occurrences?

How do you safely and successfully prevent such well-being recurrences?

How do you say “No” as the complete sentence that it is without the guilt?

How do you take all of these life lessons and create a beautiful blueprint of a quilt?

You recognize who you are and who you are created to be

You understand the full meaning of the royal priesthood, God predestined for thee

You remind with affirmations from the great I AM Himself

I AM confident, I AM courageous, I AM the lender – grab the book of LIFE off the shelf

You recognize affirmations come from the Holy Bible and are complete on their own

You believe in yourself like God believes in you, and you set your mind to stay in that I AM zone

Not crossing over to arrogance, and not becoming braggadocios

But embracing the new insight and discernment that God hands out in Holy doses

You practice self- care and allow yourself to grieve the relationship, job, or season

You embrace the moment and the lessons for what they are, even if you don’t have the reason

You, as Paul stated become content with whatever state God has you in

For you know every season, low point, and negative thing has and expiration date where it must end

You hold tight to the things you know you know

You remind yourself daily what you know you know in order to grow

Then you walk with your head held up knowing you are not alone

And you give it all over to God daily, even if you can’t find the words, In Jesus’ Name, groan

Remember that nothing is happening that God doesn’t already know about

He even knew you would forget who you are in him, whine, cry, and pout

So, once you get it out of your system and you come back to your senses

Know that God is still God and until the appointed time, the lessons and season commences

Put it in perspective, and bouncing back doesn’t become as hard

God knew before hand that you would be released from your job

Seek Him for direction and guidance on the new position or on following your lifelong dream

And embrace the newness like a child who is excited about going to a new park they have never seen

Keep it in perspective, and bouncing back proves your resiliency

How bouncing back with more power, courage, and assurance, was God’s plan of brilliancy

How growth in discernment, knowledge of key skills, and peace is now such a second nature

That the next storm, tornado, or hurricane, you easily sense and recognize the nudge from our Savior

Bouncing back from that situation now takes just a moment for you to strategically plot your course
Bouncing back from that encounter now takes a quick prayer to remind of self-control that is Godly endorsed
Bouncing back from words now takes a smile and a praise which confirms of being emotionally sound
Bouncing back no longer takes forever because of the Godly lessons, tips, and techniques that help you come around

We are experiencing all kinds of trouble, but we aren’t crushed. We are confused, but we aren’t depressed. We are harassed, but we aren’t abandoned. We are knocked down, but we aren’t knocked out. We always carry Jesus’ death around in our bodies so that Jesus’ life can also be seen in our bodies. ~2 Corinthians 4:8-10 (CEB)

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