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Work That Plan!

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Are your days getting away from you? Are you tired of feeling tired and like you are not getting things done? Let's go back to basics when it comes to being productive.

Write It Down

We wonder why we forget certain things and remember other things, and it comes down to two things. If it is a priority (important) and if you planned time to do it. I watched a movie called "Remember The Goal" and it was about a Christian Coach of a girl's cross country track team who had unconventional methods of training. Her methods were disapproved of by many parents, some of the students, and the pressure was on the Principal to "Do something about her." However, the students who remained on the team all agreed to a common goal of winning the State Race and in order to do that, the students had to trust her. Well, you will have to watch the movie to see how it ends, but it had an awesome, yet simple reminder to "Remember the Goal."

They didn't have to write down their goal, because they had practice everyday, it was automatically on their schedules and it was a priority for them. However, if you are like me, you may need additional visuals to keep you focused on "One Thing At A Time." With so many ideas coming, and so many goals to be reached, I have to constantly remind myself pick one and walk it out! If you are a high achiever, highly creative, or just need something to keep you on track, write it down and put it somewhere you will be reminded of your Goal.

Track Your Progress

Whether you like paper visuals or app visuals, it is an additional motivator when working a goal that isn't as visible to see the consistency. Personally, I like both paper and apps, it just depends on the goal. For working out, I have a calendar where I visually put an "X" on the days I worked out on my Year View. This helps me see the reality of my progress because in my mind, I work out all of the time. (I know I am not the only one, let me know if this is you, too!) When it comes to creating new habits, I like both, but tend to use a very simple app called Goal Tracker which basically does the same thing, but you can see it on your phone or mobile device. The "Goal Tracker" app I use is on Android and Amazon. Apologies that it doesn't seem to be on IOS, but they have quite a few to choose from. (This is Not Sponsored). The point is not which app you use, but to track your progress and celebrate the wins. If I have a week where I exercised 3 days instead of 5, I still celebrate that I was able to fight through that week and get the exercise in! If it takes me 60 days instead of 30 to create a new habit that is beneficial to my overall well-being, I still celebrate that I created the habit!

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