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Make Consistency A Reality

Why do we struggle so much with consistency and procrastination? We know what we want to do, but we so easily become distracted and decide instead to procrastinate instead of getting things done. It can seem like a never-ending cycle, however, there are a few key things that can be done to move consistency from being unachievable to a reality where your life soars by leaps in bounds in those areas.

Conscious Commitment

When was the last time something happened for you in life without you committing to it? The answer for most of us would be "never." We didn't obtain the degree without committing to the work for the classes. We didn't get the job unless we committed to completing our resume, the application, and actually applying for the position. We didn't get married without committing to dating and working on a relationship with someone we could see ourselves being married to. What do you need to commit to obtain the goal, desire, or dream that you want? Unless you commit to it, make it a priority and remind yourself of why you are committing, it won't happen.

Pen the Priorities

Although we don't always like to admit it, when we write things down, it seems to stick better. Whether you write it on paper, on a white board or in your smart device, you still have to revisit it for it to work with Consistency. Writing it down indicates it is important. Writing it repeatedly reminds you of the commitment. Writing it down and reading it repeatedly helps program your mind, your memory, and your thoughts that this is what is needed to make things happen. What do you need to write down to help you be consistent? Your workout schedule? Your savings plan? Your debts? Your debt reduction plan? Milestones dates and tasks? Projects for your home? Goals for your education? Profession?

Remember when you were studying for mid-terms or finals how you may have had notecards, or your notebook to study from? Those things were the essential points that the instructor told you would be on the exam or things that you needed to remember for your projects. It is because you wrote those things down, that when you took the exam(s) you were able to recall the information.

Be Kind To Yourself

Having a good hustle is great, it is rewarding, and you see results! However, sometimes you miss a deadline, forget to do something, or in some cases you didn't know you needed to do something. Be kind to yourself. Life has many ebbs and flows, highs and lows. Sometimes you are on your A-game, and everything is perfectly aligned, on time, and things are fine. Other times, your brain is foggy, your thoughts are scattered, and you can't remember what you did with that thing you needed. Be kind to yourself, after all you are human. Many people get sucked into the Hustle mentality and forget that we are not machines who can process things a million times over before needing a rest. Yes, hustle to go after those things you desire, but also Yes to giving your body, mind, and spirit time to be refreshed, rejuvenated, revived, and restored. No human can work endlessly without crashing. Jethro told Moses to delegate. Jesus trained the disciples to do greater works than him. Every organization, corporation, business has teams to support the many moving pieces to achieve their perspective of success.

- Be kind to yourself and schedule breaks before you reach burnout or have a meltdown.

- Be kind to yourself and on those days when you can't seem to focus, take a step back and instead focus on being refreshed and revived by your forced break.

Jot the Journey

The conscious commitment has you ready for the journey. You have penned the priorities, milestones, and essential information that is needed. You have decided to be kind to yourself along the way realizing that sometimes we are so excited about being focused, that sometimes we forget there are other things going on in life besides these committed goals, tasks, priorities that we have decided we will be consistent with. With all of that preparation, when you jot the journey, this is the visual reminder of the progress you have made. When you note your starting point and you jot the journey weekly, monthly or whatever frequency you deem fit, this visual reminder will keep you energized for the journey, encouraged for any pauses or unforeseen occurrences, and keep you focused and moving forward.

- Financial commitments - a spreadsheet or an app where you can visually see the progress as you save money or pay down the debt. This visual system will help the sacrifices you are making carry more weight for your ultimate goal.

- Weight commitments - a calendar or habit tracker app where you x of the days you work out or you circle your 'cheat' food days or perhaps you highlight your 'weigh in' days so you can see how the hard work you are putting in supports your weight loss goals.

- Business - set your yearly goals, break them down to quarterly and monthly goals and track how many new clients you have, the increase in your sales, and the influx in your accounts.

In what ways will you Jot your journey so you can celebrate every milestone, every goal, every task, and every accomplishment along the way? Once you determine your end goal, the process has now been laid out for your to meet it time and time again.


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