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Why Your Words Matter

Wise words are like deep waters; wisdom flows from the wise like a bubbling brook. ~Proverbs 18:4 (NLT)

Tile letters Why your words matter

They motivate

Gentle words are a tree of life; a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit. ~Proverbs 15:4 (NLT)

Every word we speak motivates, encourages, or inspires an emotion. We get to choose what that emotion is. We can respond to bitterness with bitterness; or we can respond to bitterness with love and grace. We can respond to anger with anger; or we can respond to anger with kindness and gentleness. It is up to us to be intentionally wise with our word choices, how we use our words, and when we use our words. We can not control the words that come from other people, but we can control the desired goal of the words we choose to respond with. Certainly, you can respond to bitterness with bitterness, but what does that solve? You can also respond to anger with anger, but what does that prove? Instead of meeting negativity, defeatism, hurt and brokenness with the same, let’s challenge ourselves to elevate, edify, encourage, and inspire positive change. What is the true you that you want to convey and be known by? Is it an agitator, aggravator, or manipulator? Or is it one who inspires, celebrates, and encourages viable solutions?

Our words motivate when we respond to anger with love and block the negativity and hatred from penetrating our space and infecting our spirit.

Our words motivate when we stop bitterness in its track and speak healing, kindness, and extend grace for another’s healing journey.

Our words motivate when we meet depression head on and remind someone with practical examples how valuable their life is, how important their voice is, and how unique their potential is.

Our words motivate when we choose to edify and build up, instead of tear down and destroy. The tearing down and destroying is already being handled by the enemy, so let him have that niche!

Choose to use wise thought out words that are gentle and encourage life. Choose to grow the spirit and strengthen the mind with words that fuel positive energy and yields results that build up.

They penetrate

Wise words satisfy like a good meal; the right words bring satisfaction. ~Proverbs 18:20 (NLT)

If we liken our words to a good meal, what are you eating or serving? If you want a good steak or some well cooked seafood and you know restaurant A overcooks meals on the regular unapologetically, but restaurant B takes care to cook the food perfectly and should they make a mistake, they offer to re-cook it, send you home with it, or take it off of your bill for you, which restaurant would you revisit? Unfortunately, the words that penetrate are not always easily decided upon like the restaurant analogy. For whatever reason, we, as flawed humans hang on to the negative aspect of things much longer when it comes to our words and even many of our experiences. This means the words we are serving and the words we are eating should be intentionally positive because they will continue to penetrate our spirit long after we eat them (from ourselves and others) or serve them (to ourselves or others.) When we serve or eat words that are positive, we enjoy feeling fulfilled and satisfied, yet when we are eating negative words, we fight feeling depleted and invaluable. Choose wisely to feast repeatedly by eating and serving words that lay a foundation for positive endurance and connection. Choose wisely to feast continuously by eating and serving words that continue to feed you, nurture you, and expose new revelations to you. This does not mean we eat and serve fluff, sometimes the truth is not appealing, and we have to eat it, however, we don’t have to serve that unappealing truth with a suicide note. We can still eat and serve that unappealing truth with hope for change, opportunity for reconciliation, and a path to redemption.

Our words penetrate whether they are positive or negative. Choose to eat and serve words that help build lasting relationships.

Our words penetrate continued truth and wisdom when delivered from a perspective of compassion and mentorship to yield essential growth and a safe place with which to grow.

Our words penetrate and overflow with an endless good meal type of feeling when we eat and serve good meals continuously.

Our words penetrate whether we want them to or not. We have the power to allow the residual outcome to be one that satisfies continuously.

Choose to eat and serve wisdom that can provide substance over time. Choose to eat and serve words that always satisfy with encouragement and hope.

They Activate

Kind words are like honey – sweet to the soul and healthy for the body. ~Proverbs 16:24 (NLT)

If someone tells you an article of clothing is unbecoming to your body shape or doesn’t complement your skin tone, but then another article yields positive comments all of the time, how will you feel when you put on those articles of clothing? The article of clothing that received the negative feedback, will eventually work its way out of your closet and into goodwill, being repurposed, or being trashed. The article of clothing that received positive feedback will be worn until the threads become so thin you have no choice but to trash it. Why do we put so much weight on words from others, but not as much weight on the words from ourselves? We are listening when we say, “I am fat” or “This is ugly” or “I am too thin.” However, we do not always reverse it and speak positively to turn it around. Try “I will start exercising 4 times a week” or “This isn’t flattering, let me donate this” or “I need to make sure I eat three meals a day” When we use harsh words, we listen and we internalize it and we do the same when we use kind words. Often you must be your biggest cheerleader, so choose to use words that are sweet to the soul and promotes an overall good well-being for the body.

Our words activate emotions, choose to activate positive emotions.

Our words activate motivation to improve or lack of motivation to complain about what needs to improve.

Our words activate our minds to strive to do better or remain content and complacent, but not fulfilled.

Our words activate our body to stay healthy or get healthy, or to allow overweight to bring other associated diseases and illnesses.

Choose to use words that are positively kind, even in turning around what may seem to be a negative truth.


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