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Where is your park?

Choosing a park is sometimes easier than making frequent visits. Commit to your park!

Physical activity is a great way to de-stress the body from the day. Whether you park yourself at the gym, at the spa, on a trail, or in a park; find ways to get the body moving to work out the stress that builds up in your body. Keep in mind, stress can be positive, but, whether positive or negative, it all has an effect on the body.

According to some physical symptoms of stress include: low energy, headaches, upset stomach (including diarrhea, constipation, and nausea), aches, pains, tense muscles, chest pain and rapid heartbeat, insomnia and a few others.

I recall being on my journey to being single again and I found myself at the Doctor's for a physical, including the mention of some knee pains I was having, and he told me my pressure was high and he wanted to put me on blood pressure medicine. Me, who have never had an issue with my pressure, Thank the Lord, because High Blood Pressure does run in my family on both sides. I told him, no, I don’t want to go on the Blood Pressure medicine. He side-eyed me (front the front) and before he could say anything, I added “I am on the Divorce road to single again, so I know it’s related to stress, and I do not want to go on medicine for it, so what are my options?” After further discussion, he proceeded to tell me if it’s really related to stress then to make sure I exercise 3-5 times a week for at least 30-45 minutes, to check my pressure every week at the Giant or CVS and come back to see him in 6 weeks. I chose to accept his mission, paid a whole $1.00 to join Planet Fitness for the first month and kept it for an additional 2 months at the $10.00 rate, and I went 5 days a week faithfully. I checked my pressure on my way home from the Planet Fitness each week, and kept a log in my phone of how my blood pressure was steadily decreasing. Needless to say, 6 weeks for my follow up, and my pressure was normal (and has been sense - again, Thank the Lord!). My lesson learned - Exercise pays off!

Looks like WebMD got the ‘aches, pains, and low energy’ right for my example. Once I started working out regularly, my knees stopped aching, my blood pressure came down, and I actually had more energy. If I hadn’t experienced it, I wouldn’t have believed it. My exercise regimen wasn’t very rigorous, and it involved more of the treadmill, elliptical, and arc machines than the weights but it worked!

It doesn’t take much to de-stress the body, but it does take deciding to do so and sticking to it for you to see the results. It doesn’t always have to be the gym. You can park yourself on a hiking trail or a bike trail. Both are scenic and expose you to the sun which seems to brighten your overall mood. Perhaps you want to park yourself at the spa for a Swedish or Deep Tissue massage? Maybe a hot stone or sauna experience? The pool is another great place to park for physical activity if you have access to one or if there is one nearby, or even a beach. Fifteen minutes playing in the water is sure to get your energy levels and your heart rate up, as well as burn off some stress along with the calories. Even if you just take a brisk walk around the block, it will help decrease the stress in your body. Try it!

Park in the gym or park on a trail

Park somewhere to get the body moving to swiftly inhale and exhale

Park somewhere to relax the body in a sauna or maybe a spa

Park so that the resulting relaxation even leaves you in awe

Park and don’t just talk about it, but be about it and commit

Park gradually, to make sure your body and joints can handle it

Park so that your blood can flow through with more ease

Park as a routine habit resulting in more strength and lasting energy

Call To Action:

  1. Where will you park for stress relief?

  2. How often will you commit to parking there?


Don’t you know that you are God’s temple and God’s Spirit lives in you? ~1 Corinthians 3:16 (ESV)

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