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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Prioritizing Self

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Prioritize Self Commit To You Erica Spruill
When you learn to prioritize self, you obtain a freedom you can't explain.

Plan For It

We plan to arrive for meetings early and prepared. We plan to get the children to their activities early or at least on time. We plan extra time to direct to projects for work or our business, but we often allow our plans to slide when we plan for ourselves.

Have you ever had a headache and pushed through to get to work anyway? Yet, you allow that same headache to prevent you from working out, doing laundry, or running that errand?

Prioritize yourself with the same commitment level that you choose to get to work even when you don't feel like it, run that business even when you aren't in the mood for it, or show up for your loved ones, even when you don't have energy for it.

Prioritize yourself not necessarily before everything else, but with the same prioritization and fervor as everything else and you may find that some of those other things that you have prioritized previously may make room for you to prevail in your personal endeavors.

Schedule It

Not only do we plan for it, but we schedule it. It is on our calendars on our devices and posted in the house to make sure we get to those appointments on time and prepared. Yet, we don't put working out on the schedule, doing laundry, organizing that closet, or purging that room where the door remains closed.

Is that meeting for work or for your business more important than your exercising or getting your laundry done so you can have a whole day free from adulting? I hope your answer is 'no,' yet we often prioritize in that order where we are at the bottom of the list or in some cases, we do not make the list at all.

Prioritize yourself as being important enough to be on the schedule so you remind yourself how important you are.

Commit To It

We make yearly, 3-year and sometimes even 5-year plans for our careers and our finances, but what about the rest of us? What are our long-term goals and aspirations for our Spiritual enrichment, physical strength and stamina, or mental knowledge and growth? When we are asked in our Professional lives where do you see yourself in 3 years? You commit to growing, excelling and being better, what about the rest of you?

Choose to commit to yourself so you can become better not just professionally and financially, but completely and wholly. Being committed to yourself completely puts the responsibility for your forward movement right where it should be. On you.

Do It

All of this planning and scheduling sounds great, but it means nothing without the action to do it. You drag yourself out of bed in the morning for your professional obligations, will you also drag yourself out of stagnation for your total well-being? Do it!

Prioritize Self.


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