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Updated: Oct 25, 2021

How to upgrade positivity in your life

Get rid of all bitterness, rage, anger, harsh words, and slander, as well as all types of evil behavior. Instead, be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you. ~ Ephesians 4:31-32 (NLT)

Struggling Susie: Positive Patty, I need your help

I’m struggling and tired of these emotional whelps

I see some areas of weakness that need to be addressed

Can you please help me, pray with me so I can be free and blessed?

Positive Patty: Positive Patty, that’s who I am

Powerful as a wolf, yet meek as a lamb

Well, that’s the story I am working on living to tell

Serving notice to negativity, it’s time for farewell

The bitterness that tries to take hold can torment and shred the soul by taking control of everything that is good and stripping away it’s livelihood. The bitterness takes root from disappointments that set in and made the heart believe it couldn’t win. However, bitterness forgot the heart cannot be figured out, none but the Father can discern and win that bout. For today, bitterness may be the driving factor, but tomorrow’s circumstance may have hope and love as the heart’s benefactor. Bitterness can then be replaced by tenderheartedness, forgiveness, and grace.Then bitterness is booted out of the door; and the goal is to let it back in, no more.

Struggling Susie: Positive Patty, how can I become optimistically whole?

Operating in agape love that comes from the depths of my soul?

Not being a doormat, but totally forgiving as Jesus Christ on earth

Living harmoniously in cadence with God’s spirit as a daily rebirth

Positive Patty: Rage rises from the soul based on insecurities, fears, or unresolved issues that need to unfold. It builds and grows, getting entangled in core beliefs and practices, making it harder to distinguish between fair and improper justices. Rage holds on with all its might and invites anger and rebellion into the fight. It fuels it all with more and more rage but doesn’t consider sage. Sage is wisdom that is profound, it refutes rage with insight and patience that is renowned. Love is the key to fight the rage, as it makes rage face itself until it sees it is caged. Love covers a multitude of sins, regardless how rage keeps fussing and fighting. Love is the water to rage’s fire; it is actually rage’s secret desire. Rage can’t possibly want to live in anger and hate all of the time unless it has sold its soul to the enemy and been made blind. Even the thief up on the cross, saw the love of Jesus and the rage and bitterness within him recognized who was boss. Surely, you will be with me in paradise is what Jesus said, even rage can concede when pure love is spread.

Struggling Susie: Positive Patty, how do I start the ball rolling?

Then keep from digressing, sidestepping, or imploding

I want to walk in agape love purely and authentically

With God’s shekinah light radiating through and from me

Positive Patty: Remove the insecurities and let them go. Hold not present possibilities accountable for past sorrows and woe. Challenge them and face them head on doing the work to defeat negativity and weakness to become solid and strong. Release the fears and don’t fuel them so they grow. Use discernment to navigate trust levels of people who come and go. Seek the Lord daily and pray without ceasing, for in communicating with God, He will help negativity continue decreasing. God will supply every need and provision, but some blessings come after carnal division. In order to experience freedom and liberty in the Lord, those fleshly ways that prevent it, must meet the spiritual sword. Free will is a daily choice human beings have been given, and that free will is the cause of a lot of spiritual division. Free will to watch tv, spend time with bae or even work overtime prevent the much-needed downloads and transfers from God during His quiet time. Free will under subjection is the answer to intentional transition and upgrade of positivity. For in this upgrade, can one truly be made, and kept free.

Positive Patty, that’s who I am

Powerful as a wolf, yet meek as a lamb

Well, that’s that story I am working on living to tell

Serving notice to negativity, adieu, and farewell!

Struggling Susie: Positive Patty, thanks for all of your help

I now have a plan to limit negativity and whelps

I am working on living a story of my own

Serving notice to negativity and staying in the positive zone

Positive Patty: Positive Patty, that’s who I am

Praying that God use me to help others out of a jam

Providing practical guidance and direction based on Godly wisdom

Using the Bible as my foundation to ensure negativity has permanent absenteeism


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