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Together We Can

Together We Can, Teamwork, Leadership, Impact, Give Back, Beatifically Free

Together we can have impact, give back, celebrate, and support one another and those we serve. Teamwork that is built on serving others results in a team that has impact beyond the team's offerings; and is an extension of the team's service.

He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love. ~Ephesians 4:16 (NLT)

When a team flows in their areas of expertise and do so with a heart for the betterment of the team, the vision, and the purpose, then that team has a reach beyond their team because there are no egos holding the team back. That team has a spirit of giving because there are no fists holding back the blessings. That team knows how to celebrate the little wins and the major accomplishments because there is a sense of gratitude every single day. That team understands how support of one another strengthens the overall bond of the team and they aren’t always reminding each other of how they ‘covered for you’, ‘stood in the gap for you’, or ‘picked up the slack when life challenged you.’

A team that flows as one,

Operating in excellence along the way

Maintains a common purpose of one

That prevents egos from causing even one to stray

Give Back

Giving back is very prevalent during the Holidays, but it can happen all year. From volunteering to clean up around schools and libraries, to serving lunches at senior centers, dinners at homeless shelters, or even volunteering as needed at hospitals and nursing homes. Giving back should be more than just a check mark on your to-do list or additional posts on your Social Media feed. It should be done from a place of gratitude and overflow that you are in a position to give back which causes the desire to share God’s love, and share access to your resources or your words of encouragement. When you share from a pure place, you reveal hope in those who are receiving that they too may be able to give back. Call To Action: When will you schedule opportunities to Give Back on your calendar?


Impact is not only initiating a holiday drive for families in need but teaching them effective budgeting and planning to maximize their resources throughout the year. Impact is rallying around a struggling family to help their child prepare to interview for an Internship, and the expectations and behaviors to not only secure the job but become a leader at the job. Impact is beyond buying something for a child or family but includes caring enough to mentor, teach, and train in various areas of life skills including spiritual connection, being financially savvy, and continuing to learn and grow. Call To Action: What ways can you upgrade giving back in order to have Impact beyond the moment?


Stop and Smell The Roses

Celebrating one another is often overlooked or just said at the beginning of a meeting or an email because the information that is following is pointing out everything that still needs to be done or the areas for improvement. A genuine celebration of the efforts of a team or a group is what is needed to continue to Boost Morale and help each person realize how valuable they are to the team. Taking time out to appreciate hard work and dedication, or even to celebrate major project completions helps the team feel like their contribution matters beyond project completions and assignments. Call To Action: When will you plan your surprise celebration meeting for your team, your group, or your family?

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