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10 No-Fuss Ways to Figuring Out Your Successful Mindset

A successful mindset means different things to different people. Depending on where you are in life, the results for success means different things. These 10 are sure to get or keep you on the right track whether you are just getting started on this successful mindset journey or well into it.

  1. Say goodbye to negativity

    1. If you tell yourself you can't, then you won't. If you keep hearing it's not for you, then it's not. If you keep saying that's never gonna happen for me, then it won't.

    2. Release the scarcity mindset to make room for abundance, creativity, and freedom. When you embrace negativity from others or from yourself, your actions embrace it and hold on to it as if it is your reality and as if it always will be. When you tell yourself that you can't, or you will never, then your brain gets trained into that limiting belief, accepts it as reality, and then you don't and you never do.

  2. Embrace your humanness by being humane

    1. Give yourself grace.

    2. Recognize you are human which means you are perfectly imperfect and comprised of flaws; which is how we learn, grow, and evolve. Embrace it.

  3. Call on optimism and positivity

    1. Be obsessive with the bright side so it can fuel your spirit and your mind with a positive perspective. This doesn't mean you don't have to do the work, but it does mean you can see more clearly the work you need to do for the positive results.

    2. Choose to find solutions instead of focusing on the problems. Granted, some areas we do need to accept as a loss, but not necessarily a defeat. That bad relationship had to end so you could be available for the healthy one you are in now. That toxic work environment had to release you into a position of promotion and leadership.

  4. Give your future self a hand

    1. Where you want to be is attainable one small step at a time. When you start to believe it, you begin to act on it, and then you look up and it has happened.

    2. All of the work you put in years ago has gotten you to here (and to hear); all of the work you put in now, will benefit your future self. Make yourself proud and do the hard work now so you can reap the major benefits later.

  5. Have abundant gratitude and appreciation

    1. When you focus on daily gratitude and appreciation and live in the present, you tend to not take so many things for granted and you focus more on what you have, than on what you don't.

    2. Believe that there is room for you and your gifts and talents. KFC didn't stop Popeyes from coming on the scene. Longhorn didn't stop Outback. TGIFriday's didn't stop Chili's nor Applebees. There is room for all of us and our tribe is waiting for us.

  6. Learn the lessons from the past

    1. Use the lessons from the scenic route you took to prevent future detours. Okay, you made the mistake, but don't dwell there. We have all made mistakes, but those who are successful are those who learn the lessons from their mistakes.

    2. Exercise the greater knowledge and understanding as a result of those lessons. Choose not to let those past lessons and mistakes cripple you from being afraid to make another bad decision. Make the best decision you can with the information and resources you have and don't let mistakes, lessons, or errors become excuses and roadblocks from future greatness.

  7. Put a pause in it

    1. When you feel yourself regressing to a limited way of thinking, pause for the reset, regroup and receive the new downloads you are daily feeding yourself. When an unknown presents itself to us, we often fall back on what is comfortable which doesn't typically launch us into a greater future, but instead keeps us in a stagnant position.

    2. If you want a different result or need to see your next move, then you have to think differently about the situation or circumstance in order to open yourself up to the answers.

  8. Trust God

    1. Beyond the words, the hope, the repetition, and even the habit, trusting the same God who has brought you this far for your next greatest chapter sometimes comes easier said than done. However, you know with every fiber of your being, that you can wholeheartedly trust Him.

    2. Believe in the visions and dreams that God gave you and do the work to execute them into fruition. When you trust God even when others around you don't understand or don't support you, it gives God the opportunity and the room to do wonderful things in you, through you, and around you.

  9. Write it all down as if it has already happened

    1. Whether you call it an affirmation, a declaration, or a success statement, when you write down what you believe and trust God for even before it happens, it triggers your mind to be in action towards that thing. When your mind is triggered to be in action, your actions also tend to support it even before it happens.

    2. I am debt free including no mortgage or car payment. I have several multi-million dollar revenue streams. I have such peace in my heart and spirit, that it transcends all understanding. What are your forward thinking statements?

  10. Repeat - Revisit - Revive

    1. Repeat this system as often as you need to so you believe it, forgive yourself, and start hearing more positivity come from you instead of the negativity.

    2. Revisit this system including the lessons as you learn them, remember to celebrate your wins and be grateful for every step of this journey.

    3. Revive this system for daily reinforcement ignites the belief, trust, and action needed to bring the dream, vision, or goal into reality.

A successful mindset will see a problem and not get rattled.

A successful mindset will experience a setback and wait for the solution to manifest without excessive anxiety.

A successful mindset remains calm while seeking God for answers and trusts that the solutions will present themselves.

A successful mindset takes a problem, gathers the information and/or the people for wise counsel, and determines the best solution.


Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth. ~ Colossians 3:2 (NKJV)

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