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The Lead

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Let's talk about Leadership.

It is more than just being ‘in charge’

It is more than having a fancy title

It means more than having your team enlarged

Having their pulse is very vital

It means more than handing out assignments

It goes beyond giving final confirmations

A good team must have proper Godly alignment

Which requires major ego deflation

It’s not about making you look good

Though that is often the end result

Everyone must actually do what they said they would

As well as cooperate, collaborate, communicate, and consult

Every player of the team is important

Everyone should be valued and heard

It’s not about a solo endorsement

But instead a team acknowledgement is preferred

Yes, every team has a lead

Yes, every team has strengths and weaknesses

However, it is the team that with God, will succeed

If the lead motivates, energizes, and all that biz

Some teams move a little slow

While other teams operate at high speed

It’s not if you are the tortoise or the hare

But if the team is a true supporter of the team’s creed

The weight of the team ultimately falls on the head

Though the body must support and execute

However, if the vision that is casts feels like lead [led]

Then the entire team will eventually become mute

Excitement, enthusiasm, correction, and guidance

Team building and training too

Reinforcing processes and systems so everyone is in compliance

The lead must have a balance that can creatively get through

There is the extrovert, the introvert, and the ones in between

The talkers and thinkers, all types and tones

Managing personalities takes patience and time to glean

For each player has their own high and low zone

Do you raise your voice? Do you get quiet?

Do you show Godly self-control?

Do you incite a very small riot?

Then observe how the conversation rolls?

The lead must navigate the projects, the tasks, and the team

The lead must know the strengths and weaknesses

The lead must provide opportunities for the players to glean

The lead must support the slow poke just as much as the quickest whiz

The lead must keep the vision and the goal in mind

The lead must keep their ego under subjection

The lead must sometimes lead the team blind

The lead must have God as a constant connection

A lead without God can exist

But probably with a lot of chaos and valleys

But a Godly lead can handle any twist

And all the weight that being a Godly lead carries

“Heavy is the head that wears the crown” ~ Author Unknown

Don’t do anything for selfish purposes, but with humility think of others as better than yourselves. ~Philippians 2:3 (CEB).

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