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The Big Picture

When you know the Big Picture, the pieces fall right into place.

Know the Big Picture

Knowing the Big Picture doesn’t mean that you must have the complete vision before you start working on your strategy because the Big Picture as you see it now, may change as you start your planning strategy. For example, if you know the Big Picture is to run three 5K’s in one year (Spring – Summer – Fall), then you know you must start training to do so. Training could include jogging every day, weightlifting for strength and endurance, and even High Intensity Training to develop stamina. However, in the midst of training, you may find that you enjoy the training process so much, that you want to expand the Big Picture to run in one 5K in the Spring, followed by two half marathons in the Summer and the Fall. This shifts your training regimen to make sure you have the stamina for an additional 10 miles, but if you hadn’t started planning with the first Big Picture, you may not have seen the Bigger Picture. Or, in reverse, if the Bigger Picture would have been where you started, your mind may have psyched you out and told you there is no way you could achieve one 5K and two half marathons. Yet, after you started training, you not only enjoyed it, but realized you wanted to strive for Bigger.

The Big Picture often becomes Bigger once the planning begins. Get Started.


Be Strategically Purposeful

Often the Big Picture requires an intentional approach that is purposeful; not being distracted by other things that come up but putting those ideas in the ‘parking lot’ and staying focused on the current Big Picture, until it evolves. Often, there is a Big Picture, and it doesn’t get accomplished because there wasn’t enough thought into how to accomplish the Big Picture. It requires thought processes, brainstorming sessions, or at least conversations with someone who has done it, or has more knowledge than you to be able to assist you and challenge you to think bigger, be more creative, and be more laser focused. Strategically Purposeful requires patience as all of the answers may not come in the beginning, you may feel like you have no clue what you are doing, or you may even be doing it scared, but that’s where your ‘someone’ or your ‘team’ or your ‘tribe’ or your ‘community’ comes in. They are the ones you bounce ideas off, so it makes sense to you. They are the ones who can answer and/or help you research your questions to find the proper solutions for your Big Picture which often becomes Bigger. Just because it becomes bigger, doesn’t mean you scratch the original big picture because often that is one steppingstone of many to come for the Big Big Picture.

Strategically purposeful is a necessary part of the process which requires patience as all the pieces start falling together for the what is to come.

Call To Action: Identify the Big Picture and determine the path to get there.  Note the other ideas that come to mind for they will fuel your Bigger Picture or your Big Big Picture. Make a decision to put them aside for later and continue to focus on the Big Picture or shift your focus now to include the Bigger Picture.


Careful planning puts you ahead in the long run; hurry and scurry puts you further behind. ~Proverbs 21:5 (MSG)


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