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Tenaciously Tough

Therefore I, a prisoner for serving the Lord, beg you to lead a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God. ~Ephesians 4:1 (NLT)

tenaciously tough, beatifically free, encouragement, wisdom, writer, poet

Tenacious, to hold fast, not easy to take a ‘pass’

Tenacious, keeping a firm hold, stubborn enough to make it last

Tenacious, cohesive, holding together in the midst of a storm

Tenacious, not easily pulled apart, determined to keep its form

Tough, strong, and durable, not easily broken or cut

Tough, not brittle, or tender, determined not to get stuck

Tough, resilient, and forward moving, solid in beliefs

Tough, focused on eliminating negativity, to positively increase

Tenaciously Tough is a combination that should not be overlooked

It works hard at working hard, and is a perfect recipe for the books

Tenaciously Tough for encouragement, inspiration, and leadership too

Tenaciously Tough, let us explore some possibilities through and through

Tenaciously Tough rises when the choir is singing, the one that lives inside your head

Tenaciously Tough stands up to the voices counteracting all doubt, fear, and dread

Tenaciously Tough defeats doubt with affirmations and declarations that are biblically sound

Tenaciously Tough triumphs over despair and gloom by keeping hope and optimism around

Tenaciously Tough casts out fear by building on good solid wisdom

Tenaciously Tough contradicts negativity with solid fact-based success systems

Tenaciously Tough sorts through the babbling noise with an ear of acute discernment

Tenaciously Tough creates a solid foundation based on a complete and forward-thinking assessment

Tenaciously Tough can stand against what breaks most other people down

Tenaciously Tough accepts opinions, but leverages a God-sense for decisions that are sound

Tenaciously Tough considers recommendations and ideas, but not at the expense of core values

Tenaciously Tough is so God-aligned, miracles and wonders result out of major snafus

Tenaciously Tough remains focused and refocuses when the internal and external noise arises

Tenaciously Tough frets not when the subtle manipulation comes forth with good disguises

Tenaciously Tough guards its space without being standoffish or aloof

Tenaciously Tough has established layers upon layers to become shatterproof

Tenaciously Tough is not invincible, unlovable, nor even unapproachable

Tenaciously Tough is also not insecure, unsure, unreasonable, nor gullible

Tenaciously Tough is not perfect, but strives for perfection in consistent discipline

Tenaciously Tough knows how to have fun, and even allows some distractions within reason

Tenaciously Tough recognizes the value and the meanings of the dreams and visions given by God

Tenaciously Tough works hard on the regular to walk in genuine authenticity instead of a total fraud

Tenaciously Tough has meltdowns and shutdowns as part of the process just like everyone else

However, Tenaciously Tough knows how to bounce back and get poised confidence off of the shelf

Tenaciously Tough lives a life worth of the calling that it has accepted from the Lord

Tenaciously Tough creates a balance of hard work and self-care with peace and faith as the reward

Tenaciously Tough speaks life in all things and declares that all things in life shall live

Tenaciously Tough shares, mentors, and leads, for it willfully and cheerfully gives


Think About it:

  1. In what ways have you been tenaciously tough?

  2. What was driving you to "get through" during those moments?


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