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That is why we never give up. Though our bodies are dying, our spirits are being renewed every day. ~2 Corinthians 4:16-17 (NLT)

Renewing Spirit

Renewing spirit have your way.

Restore and replenish day by day.

Create a thirst for you that compares to none.

A closeness with my Father, the most Holy One.

If our spirits are being renewed every day, then in order to tap into this renewal and maximize it, we have to do something intentionally differently. There are often two times a year that bring about reflection on what has been and anticipation for what is yet to come, that is New Year’s Day and one’s Birthday. Regardless of where you are when reading this, every day is a good day to start tapping into a renewed spirit.

Thirst for more

In order for something to grow, it has to be nurtured. A garden doesn’t grow without proper soil conditions and water. A child doesn’t grow without love and care beyond being fed. A relationship doesn’t grow without effort and attention. Our spirit grows when we feed it, and we don’t have to start off with 1-2-hour long sessions, they can be short, but consistent quality time with God. When you increase your Spiritual intake, your spirit will be renewed and grow even more. Below, are a few examples of how we help our spirit thirst for more when we:

1) Feed on God’s word

  • The Bible App has plans from 3 – 30 days and each day takes about 5-10 minutes of your time.

2) Meditate and let God’s word sink in

  • Sit in quiet and whisper a prayer that God will open up his understanding of His word or just simply that you are listening to His instructions for the day

  • Read a devotional book that would feed your spirit.

  • Utilize guided meditations online

3) Listen to inspirational music or Podcasts

  • While working out, on the commute to/from work, on road trips

4) Pay attention to teachings and sermons

  • In church of course

  • On YouTube during lunch break, when in line, or anytime. There are a host of sermons, inspirational videos, teachings, and more.

The thirst for more often comes from making the decision to start creating the capacity and desire to expand. All of these can be on various topics you are already learning about, but can give you a biblical perspective, like types of fasts or types of prayers. How to forgive? Godly relationships? Dealing with Grief. What does the Bible say about depression, anxiety, tattoos, (fill in the blanks with whatever questions you have.)

Don’t Take It Personally

With growth comes changes and creating a thirst for God’s spirit will certainly bring about both. Despite the discomfort that also comes with change, not all change is bad, as a matter of fact, all change has lessons and opportunities wrapped up in them. Unfortunately, often with intentional growth changes comes a change in your personal circle or even support of loved ones. As you thirst for more, God will reveal more and speak to your spirit about visions and plans that everyone around you may not understand or may not support. It can be disappointing and even disheartening, but don’t take it personally. If God would have spoken it to you 20 years ago, you wouldn’t have received it, that’s why He waited until now to speak it to you. The same holds true with your loved ones, they may support you because they love you, but they may not understand it and try to push their limited mindsets on you. For example, if you are applying to be a Pastor at various churches, and your loved ones don’t understand that journey, they may talk to you about all of the responsibility and instability instead of supporting, encouraging and even offering to review your submission packets. If you want to be an author or a writer, and they don’t see the value in it, they may try to encourage you to go into another 'traditional' type of profession.

Don’t take any of it personally, just because they do not support you, it does not mean they don’t love you; it just means what you are embarking on is beyond their capacity to understand.

Call To Action: What is your action plan to renew your spirit so it thirsts for more? How will you create the thirst in your Spirit by feeding it and nurturing it?


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