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Scrap The Plan

A wastebasket full of crumpled paper and one in motion to the pile. trash can.


Did she just say, "Scrap the plan?" Is she crazy? Don't we need a plan in order to see progress? She said plans help keep us on track. She said plans help us celebrate little accomplishments along the way. Now she is saying get rid of the plan? Don't come for me just yet, let's look at three scenarios where your master plan will land.

Scrap It

You ever have a plan that was amazing in your head or even on paper and for whatever reason, it just doesn't work out the way you hoped? The team doesn't buy in. The family hates the idea and wants no part of it. Or maybe you just don't have the right motivation to commit to it, passion to execute it no matter what, or discipline to put in the work to achieve it because you are doing it for the wrong reasons. If the plan isn't working, you may have to re-evaluate the motives behind it. Some questions to consider:

  1. Was it really your plan or an extension of someone else's plan for you?

  2. Will the plan really benefit the family or the team, or is it just for your benefit or just to make you look good? Or maybe, the plan was just for you and not the family or the team?

  3. Was it something that you were once motivated for, but then something happened or shifted and the motivation and excitement for it went away?

When you stop trying to put the round peg into the square hole and you scrap the plan that isn't working, is causing you stress, and is creating clutter; you make room for new downloads that are just what you need for the plan that you have been waiting for.

Modify It

Maybe you have a plan that worked to a certain point, but now it isn't working anymore, and it needs to be tweaked. Some plans need to evolve based on the vision. A vision may start off in elementary school and the plan that accompanies it is appropriate. However, as that vision matures and graduates to secondary, high, and even College, that Elementary school plan will need to mature and evolve as well. This may not be for everyone, but even if your entire vision doesn't mature, there are components of the vision that also has to mature or evolve as things change over time. Who would have thought 10 years ago that we would be navigating 90% of our lives virtually? The systems were already in place, our perspective and use for them, just needed to evolve.

When you start seeing that what you are doing has hit a plateau or is no longer propelling you forward, take a look at what has changed since your last review of your plan and your vision and give it an upgrade.

Deal With It

I really don't think anyone would willfully choose this route and sometimes we wind up choosing this because it is comfortable, we know what we are working with, or we are low key afraid to change. You know that job that you have been complaining about for 5 years, but you refuse to update your resume and look for a better opportunity that fits your values and beliefs, so you just deal with. Perhaps it's that friendship that you have had since you were 5 years old and you never tell them what they do that irks you so much, so you just deal with it. Or maybe it's those business ideas you have had in that notebook that is collecting dust on the shelf, and you will never know how successful they could be because you leave them collecting dust on the shelf. Finally, maybe it's that lifelong dream you have had since you were a teenager, and you just think it is a silly teenage idea that wouldn't take you anywhere or bless anyone, so you deal with never knowing. I know you guys don't live here in dealing with it, and I am glad you decide to either modify it or scrap it and start over!

When you start to realize just how much that round peg does not fit into that square hole, you will Scrap It in its entirety or in part and you will come up with something better, stronger, and a lot more suitable.

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