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Purposeful Refreshing

Purposeful Refreshing - Beatifically Free Self Care

For I will satisfy the weary soul, and every languishing soul I will replenish. ~Jeremiah 31:25 (ESV)

The Weary Soul

The weary soul could be from information overload, its taxing on the mind

The weary soul is full of negative scenarios that leaves common sense and wisdom behind

The weary soul could be from praying, fasting, and seemingly doing everything exactly right

Yet the situation or circumstance hasn’t shifted, and the darkness seems to overtake the light

The weary soul could be the overwhelmed parent, who is thrown into working from home bliss

That feels all organizing, scheduling, and perfect routines have fallen into the abyss

The weary soul is crying out for some understanding and some relief

The weary soul is holding on with both hands to all faith, trust, and belief

The weary soul is holding out knowing that God has not left nor forsaken

The weary soul, much like Jesus wishes this heavy cup will just be taken

The weary soul knows all of the stories and quite frankly doesn’t want to hear it

Yet, the weary soul finds refuge in the Biblical examples and seeks more earnestly God’s Holy Spirit

The weary soul is loyal and committed to seeing things through

The weary soul knows the situation or circumstance will not always be easy to chew

Purposeful Refreshing

The weary soul is reminded of purposeful refreshing that lasts

The weary soul has evidence stored in memory from previous broadcasts

The weary soul has not forgotten the valley lows of not so long ago

And has not forgotten the painful and productive experiences that helped with growth

The weary soul knows it’s not always easy to get from here to there

The weary soul understands progress and progression come with discipline and great care

The weary soul remembers purposeful refreshing Jesus made part of his process

He went off to pray and to hear from God to make wise decisions and not just a best guess

Purposeful refreshing takes the weary soul and comforts it with peace

Purposeful refreshing hears the weary soul and replaces the tears with sweet relief

Purposeful refreshing yields not to the flesh but encourages the weary soul’s spirit

Purposeful refreshing creates tranquility and calm that extends beyond a brief visit

Purposeful refreshing has compassion and gratitude constant in its presence

Purposeful refreshing requires serenity and security to have perfect attendance

Purposeful refreshing is waiting for the weary soul to be refreshed in person or via a picture

Purposeful refreshing can be virtual or a very creative mixture

Purposeful refreshing can be the deck, the porch, or a window seat

Purposeful refreshing can be a bonfire, a fire pit, or a basement retreat

Purposeful refreshing with a book, a prayer mat, or with music alone

Purposeful refreshing is whatever is needed to enter the tranquil zone

Purposeful refreshing is the point of disengagement from busy, hustle, and strife

Purposeful refreshing is intentionally stepping back from the multiple activities of life

Purposeful refreshing lasts however long the weary soul needs

Purposeful refreshing heals, rejuvenates and sets the weary soul free

Purposeful refreshing causes the weary soul to have renewed energy and fervor

Purposeful refreshing reminds the weary soul they are more than just a hard worker

Purposeful refreshing advises the weary soul to take a break when needed – life will go on

Purposeful refreshing suggests boundaries for work, family and friends – a balanced horizon

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