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Profit Planning

Planning for Profit Prepares for Future Prosperity

It's about more than money.

The words profit and prosperity typically invoke thoughts around money, wealth, and finances, but let’s plan for a comprehensive profit package and talk about the deposits needed to get there each in 60 words or less.

Spiritually (58 words)

When you deposit time with God, seeking His will and His way for your life. When you recognize that God is a choice and not an obligation as result of strife. Then and only then, can God’s peace that surpasses all understanding overwhelmingly flow; it will make you radiantly shine on the outside, fueled by an inner glow.

Emotionally (59 words)

When you deposit reflections in your emotions understanding why you do the things you do. When you challenge the root causes that frighten the hell out of you. When you face them head on and conquer every fear, bad habit, and co-dependent behavior; then you can release the negativity and understand emotionally sound; and all of its wonderful flavor.

Physically (58 words)

When you stop making excuses why you can’t go to the gym or go for brisk walks. When you decide to put action behind all the “one day” talks. When you launch yourself into a new cycle of choosing to be physically and nutritionally healthy. That is when your complete physical being will shift from scrawny to wealthy.

Mentally (60 words)

Stop hiding behind the ADHD and the Dyslexia. Decide to ask for help, put in the work to get better and stop operating under mental anorexia. Fuel the brain using podcasts, YouTube, blogs, and books with knowledge, and watch the brain wake up as if you are attending college. Decide to feed the mind. Enjoy the fruit of being unconfined.

Relationally (51 words)

No longer afraid to date because of past mistakes. No longer hiding behind introverted “breaks.” Depositing effort and time into relationships that, to both sides matter. Being a good listener and engaging in light-hearted chatter. All of this results in relationships that last; relationships of iron sharpening iron, stable and steadfast.

Personally (58 words)

Blowing the dust off ‘things to do in my lifetime,’ while being adventurous and drawing outside the lines. Being in order but bending the rules of life. Reading, singing, dancing, flying, travelling, soaring without the added strife. Deciding to take charge of the destiny that is yours, resulting in a freedom that has no need to keep score.

Complete Profit (57 words)

Spiritually, Emotionally and Mentally Sound. Physically, Relationally, and Personally Unbound. Makes for a deposit that creates wholeness of a being while spreading light and goodness to all who are sightseeing. That they want the liberty and the light that is radiating from the inside out, but, can they handle what it takes for the “Profit Planning” bout?


Dear friend, I’m praying that all is well with you and that you enjoy good health in the same way that you prosper spiritually. ~3 John 2 (CEB)

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