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Pause Planning

Pause for a complete renewal which initiates revitalization and clarity for every aspect of your life

Pause planning is when you take the time

To evaluate where you are and make sure you are still Godly aligned

Pause planning is needed when feeling overwhelmed

And like you are no longer in harmony with God’s spiritual realm

Pause planning is needed for the physical being

When an increase exists in migraines, insomnia, or joint pain

Pause planning can remind you of your temple of God

Which includes your heart, your spirit, your mind, your entire bod

Pause planning is needed for your financial flow

That keeps savings high and ensures debts stay low

Pause planning for a key financial shift

Is needed to prepare for the major increase, but it may not be so swift

Pause planning is part of the process to a better you

That can handle the major blessings that have already started to accrue

Pause planning is intentional time to reflect for the purposes of revitalization

To encourage growth, maturity, and witness that prevents mundane and stagnation

Pause planning works for every part of your life

To reduce physical, financial, personal and professional strife

Pause planning reminds you to keep God as the focus of everything you do

Which puts you in position to receive the blessings God has stored up for you

Pause planning yields spiritual, physical, financial, emotional, personal, and professional outcomes

That puts you in position to be the lender and not the receiver of the breadcrumbs

Pause planning requires faith and discipline to seek God for everything

Pause planning has only positive results to bring

Pause planning comes with requirements that include putting in the work

Pause planning comes with Godly power and anointing that drives the enemy berserk

Pause planning creates a confidence and assurance that compares to none

Pause planning is a direct download connection to our Sovereign God, the most Holy One


Psalm 23:3 (ESV) - He restores my soul; He leads me in paths of righteousness for His name's sake.

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