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How To Be Confidently Composed

For the Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life. ~Job 33:4 (NLT)

Let’s first break down the words confident and composed. According to

  • confident is defined as having strong belief or full assurance; sure of oneself; having no uncertainty about one’s own abilities, correctness, successfulness

  • composure is defined as serene; self-controlled state of mind; calmness, tranquility

Using this as our foundational understanding, here are a few ways to ensure and/or maintain confident composure in any situation.

Remember You are Uniquely Made

Having been made by the spirit of God, you are already predestined for greatness before you can even understand fully what that means. This means you are equipped to handle everything that comes your way. Yes, you already have access to the infinite faith, immeasurable wisdom, and ever flowing agape love needed to accomplish all that God has for you to do. God breathed breath of fearlessness, boldness, courage, humility, authenticity, and so much more into you when you were created. As a result of God’s power being part of your DNA, you have the authority to refute and rebuke those negative and attacking thoughts when they try to come in. When thoughts try to discourage you, remember that God has already equipped you for success and that there is no need to allow discouragement, doubt, or fear to creep in. Walk in confident composure knowing that the same respectful, authentic attitude Jesus has, radiates through you. Remember that confident composure prays strategically and spends time with God intentionally to access his infinite power and wisdom and remain in Godly alignment. Know that even with the harsh lessons of life due to disappointments of man, that God has given you the fortitude to bounce back and keep moving forward. Walk in confident composure when praying about those things that seem big because you know that God is still bigger and more powerful than those challenges being faced. Walk in confident composure because the time you spend with God consistently has strengthened your relationship with God to know which scriptures to pull from for strength, faith, power, authority, and boldness. When you remember how uniquely made you are, you can walk in confident composure with such tranquility and calmness that cuts through any opposition flawlessly.

Embrace Who You Are

Now that you have been reminded how uniquely made you are and why, you can embrace who you are in God’s eyes. Shifting your perspective to see from God’s lenses provides the reassurance the human side of you needs to do what the spiritual side of you has already acknowledged God has called you to do. It gives you the ability to see your greatness from God’s perspective. When you prepare to see things from God’s perspective, you confidently compose yourself to walk with your full spiritual armor on from head to toe to refute any fear or doubt before it has a chance to infect your spirit. Confident composure has you focused on your relationship with God so the behaviors and chatter from others does not affect your perspective, nor your drive to accomplish all that God has called you to do. Confident composure understands the power of words and chooses wisely to speak life into every situation, circumstance, and event tapping into God’s miracle working power. Confident composure recognizes it is not perfect and works to transform its vulnerabilities and weaknesses into opportunities for amazing new discoveries. Confident composure believes it can achieve the way God believes and surpasses what the human side thought was possible. Confident composure has willfully and cheerfully accepted its uniquely divine call as God’s extension of grace and hope.

Show Someone Else The Way

Once you embrace the designer’s original God has made you to be, and your perspective has shifted to be more God-aligned, then you naturally share all of God’s goodness and inspire others to embrace their unique calling as well. Often you begin showing others the way just by being who God called you to be and not even trying to specifically teach or impart wisdom into others. Your perspective, through God’s lenses is at a different level than it was before, so you do not see nor acknowledge the petty things you did before. Everything is to build and edify, to grow and show others how to get their Christian journey from hoping to fully accessing all God has for them. Confident composure lives in the overflow of what the natural eye has not yet seen and is not easily distracted by those who may not see it. Confident composure puts carnal decisions aside and helps others see the importance of following God’s instructions and letting Him guide. Confident composure has learned how to respectfully correct and carefully rectify that which is out of alignment. Confident composure, though is not perfect, communicates to ensure the proper message is received. Confident composure helps other release their limiting beliefs and recognize the great things God has in store for them. Confident composure helps others believe in themselves and accept it as God does. Confident composure doesn’t go looking for people to show the way, but focuses on God, who sends them in His own special way. Confident composure walks sure of its path and journey and blesses whom God sends when God sends them. Confident composure embraces the gifts and anointing God has provided and always gives God all the praise and honor. Confident composure realizes the infinite existence of God’s faith, agape love, and humility as what God designed each of us to ultimately be.

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