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Forgiveness Beyond The Lips

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

When you know you have really forgiven. . .

Often, we say we have forgiven, but it’s not really so

For when we think of the situation, we find we haven’t completely let it go

The thought of the thing brings back those emotions of hurt and pain

And we find ourselves reliving that event with our feelings on a setting of ‘insane’

Forgiveness beyond the lips, gives us the strength to truly process and release

Forgiveness beyond the lips, helps us resolve, learn, evolve and welcome in peace

Forgiveness beyond the lips, saves our heart and ultimate our spirit

Forgiveness beyond the lips, keeps negativity from spreading and bitterness from building on it

That situation that happened, caused by that person, it’s time to take the journey

Fault is not important, neither is right or wrong, forgiveness is about healing and sanity

Whether they apologized to you or not doesn’t matter, it is up to you to receive the ‘cure’

Which is forgiveness from the heart and soul, so the rest of your spirit can remain pure

That thing that you did to yourself or to others, that you never forgave yourself for

It’s time to address it, deal with it, and release it, so you can be healed from the core

Ask for forgiveness, send an apology in person, a letter, email, or text

Or write it to the Lord, knowing He will resolve it with the person in His way that is perfect

Action must be taken to move to the place of forgiveness beyond the lips

Put in the work, counselling, self-reflection, or journaling to release the negative grips

Keeping all of the information bottled inside will never completely resolve the matter

It will simply hide it and bury it deep until something happens that causes it all to scatter

Unforgiveness is a cancer of sorts that spreads negativity, bitterness, and all their friends

It moves through emotions, and thought processes as a result of never completely making amends

It festers and hides in a place of unresolved, so when something similar happens, it springs up

Forgiveness beyond the lips, allows an overflow of happiness and peace from your cup

Forgiveness beyond the lips, defeats all cancer of sorts beyond chemo and radiation

It causes the negativity to desist, the bitterness to be resolved, and the resentment to end in deflation

It moves the hurt to healed, the pain to peace, and the lost feeling to safety and security

It releases the shame, absolves the guilt, and from the spirit, it removes the residual impurity

Forgiveness beyond the lips is a process, for the total healing to be obtained

All of the tears, yelling, counselling, and coming to grips with the situation is worth the freedom gained

Forgiveness beyond the lips is when you can think of or see that person and not be phased

Forgiveness beyond the lips is when you can think of or be in a similar situation and not be enraged

Many people fake it, so others don’t see the emotional dysfunction that is still within

But it is better to do the complete work in order to address the heart of the thing

Forgiveness beyond the lips is the cure all for the cancer of unforgiveness

Forgiveness beyond the lips prevents that cancer from spreading and becoming vicious

Forgiveness beyond the lips releases the ability to live without fabrication

Forgiveness beyond the lips allows Godly peace and calm to override any and all manipulation

Forgiveness beyond the lips lives out how love covers a multitude of sins

It does not condone what was done, but it allows for a complete and total amends

Forgiveness beyond the lips


“And whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him, that your Father in heaven may also forgive you your trespasses. But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father in heaven forgive your trespasses.” ~Mark 11:25-26 (NKJV)

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