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Faith Moves

The righteous keep moving forward, and those with clean hands become stronger and stronger. ~Job 17:9

Keep moving forward, keep pressing on

Despite the obstacles and challenges being faced

Faith moves will slow you down on the autobahn

To reset your position and to steady your pace

Keep moving forward, even if some friends are now gone

Faith moves will reveal ushers who are key

Keep moving forward, here comes a liaison

Faith moves removes blinders so help can now be seen

Faith moves require action even if a little weary

Faith moves uncover a strength that is mind blowing

Faith moves will create excitement out of dreary

Faith moves prepares for a great season of overflowing

Faith moves maximizes time for productivity

Faith moves minimizes distractions through starvation

Faith moves plans and puts in purposeful activity

Faith moves gives negativity and defeatist mindsets a certificate of cessation

Faith moves energizes everyone around

Faith moves motivates and initiates change

Faith moves makes decisions that are wise and sound

Faith moves welcomes habits and systems that break chains

Faith moves speaks to fear and it decreases

Faith moves prays daily with purpose

Faith moves sets habits of bondage free

Faith moves guards the spirit so toxic habits do not resurface

Faith moves puts in the work to be better and do better

Faith moves learns lessons from every situation

Faith moves fuels hope as an actionable go getter

Faith moves continually builds on a faithfully solid foundation


Call To Action: What will you decide to make faith moves on? Family? Relationship with God? Finances? Nutritional Choices? Physical Activity? Consistency? Discipline?

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