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Courageous Choices

There are courageous choices each of us are able to make if we evaluate the weight of the decision from the right perspective. When seeking God first and Disconnecting for Downloads, He will order your steps for the best decision for your journey. Seeking God first, allows the decision-making process to be led not by emotions or not swayed by other people’s good intentions, but by the voice that aligns with your spirit to keep you on paths of righteousness and beside quiet streams.

Choose to be defeated or choose to conquer

So, what they may have had the upper hand at that moment, that doesn’t mean you cannot recover, regroup, and excel. Some people like to throw their weight around because they have longer time on the job, have more of a voice in the meeting, or think they have more information on the family than anyone else. Whether it seems intimidating, feels like the odds are stacked against you, or like you can’t seem to find your place, how you respond is your choice. You can choose to accept the fact that you are the last person to arrive on the job, but you can also choose to speak your mind intelligently and respectfully when given the opportunity. You can choose to feel isolated or alienated, or you can build relationships with the people you desire to one by one and a little at a time.

Sometimes God gives us a flashlight to see the reflection from the silver lining on the cloud.

Choose to exist or choose to live

Don’t just stand by and watch others do what you wish you could do. Glean from their journey and purpose in your mind you are good enough, wise enough, and courageous enough to try it for yourself. Ever wonder “What If” about that job, that relationship, or that opportunity, but find yourself talking yourself out of even taken steps to consider discovering “What If?” Take a step back and determine the worst that could happen if you try it and fail. The answer is You will be right where you are now, doing what you have always done and where you have always been. Then, take a step back and ask yourself what would happen if you were to succeed? You would be the Best-Selling Author on Book Tour, you would land the promotion or the partnership on your job, you would find your life partner, or maybe a life relationship. All of which are more than where you started. Even if they don’t end up the way you had hoped, you will certainly glean from the experience and be richer than you were with more knowledge and wisdom to adjust and try again.

When you move from wishing to taking action and preparing by using palatable positioning; then, you are ready to receive.

No one will be able to stand up against you during your lifetime. I will be with you in the same way I was with Moses. I won’t desert you or leave you. ~Joshua 1:5 (CEB)

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