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Choose Wisely

...but the prudent give thoughts to their steps. ~Proverbs 14:15 (CEB)

What is prudent, what does it mean?

Being wise, acute, sharp, or very keen

Being clever, having clearly defined intentions

Being in tune and aligned, with intense discernment

Thinking before you speak, is an amazing habit to practice

It helps what's being said come out in an aligned axis

It allows the true meaning behind the words to boldly shine through

And gives the language the proper energy and life that is coming from you

Prudence enables an intentional pause

To provide full explanation behind and around the cause

Prudence allows intentions to be more laser focused and exact

To keep communication clear and concise and relationships intact.

These are just some of the ways, being prudent can help you choose

Spiritually, personally, financially, physically, in every way so you do not lose

In every area of your life, choosing wisely is a win-win

It prepares and positions you for success externally and within

To choose wisely means the words you use will always have the intended meaning

To choose wisely means the actions you take will be clear and not deceiving

To choose wisely means your accounts will reflect the desired goals established

To choose wisely means palatable positioning moving you from ready to being published

Choosing wisely requires discipline and consistency to handle the accounts of your life

Choosing wisely requires sacrifice and commitment to fuel happiness and ward off strife

Choosing wisely requires humility and modesty to give God room to lead

Choosing wisely requires pride and ego to consistently and willfully concede

Choosing wisely sometimes means vulnerability for the sake of another's feelings

Choosing wisely sometimes means taking a back seat to fulfill another's dreams

Choosing wisely sometimes means silence so the lesson is fully realized

Choosing wisely sometimes means correction so the truth is never disguised

Choose wisely by making intentional decisions in all that is said and done

Choose wisely by being honest and responsible whether you have lost or won

Choose wisely in becoming a better you with each passing day

Choose wisely in edifying and encouraging another with your actions and the words you say

Choose wisely when you make a mistake in the way you rectify it

Choose wisely when you recognize the end and how you make your exit

Choose wisely when you disagree and the tone you use to express it

Choose wisely when you are crossed by someone in the way you address it

Choose Wisely


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