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Actionable Love

Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins. ~1 Peter 4:8 (NLT)

Show deep love for each other…

Deep actionable love reveals itself through patience when a loved one is declining in their speech and mobility and your energy is enduring and loving as you help them grab the right words that seem to escape them; or as you slow your pace so they can grab your arm for stability as they walk.

Deep actionable love becomes evident when a loved one gets frustrated, but your calm brings them down and helps them see the solution is not as challenging as they originally thought.

Deep actionable love is apparent when your co-worker is manipulative or tries to take credit for your work, but God has you being kind and letting your light shine. What you don’t see is that God has revealed to those who matter, that it was you who came up with the idea, or process and it was you who people would go to for answers.

Deep actionable love does not excuse other people’s negative or selfish based choices, but it does allow you to “Go high when they go low,” (Michelle Obama) and do so without a grudge or a desire to get back at them. Deep actionable love has you so assured in God’s love and His presence in every situation, that you do not have to call someone else out to make a name for yourself or make yourself look better. God has already positioned you before those who need to see your achievements to be the assistance or opened door that you need.

Deep actionable love is a love that matures above trivial behavior that discredits your Christian witness.

Love covers a multitude of sins…

Actionable love covers a multitude of sins by not keeping a record of the disappointments and holding it against them. This does not mean letting people off the without accountability or communicating about the disappointment, but what it does mean for a healthy relationship is letting little things go once the discussion is over. What it means is recognizing that you too have made mistakes and are imperfect, so why try to hold others at a higher standard while excusing your missteps?

Actionable love separates those who are putting forth effort for a healthy relationship from those who are trying to manipulate in unhealthy ways posing as a healthy relationship advocate. Actionable love treats them with the same respect, honor, and humility as Jesus treated Judas; yet actionable love discerns who to trust and who not to trust. Actionable love nurtures healthy relationships and encourages positive attitudes. Actionable love treats everyone with respect and the love of Christ.

Actionable love…

Actionable love is easiest when it is done through God’s Holy Spirit

Actionable love is most effective when discernment is used to separate

Actionable love yields peaceful results whether they stay or go

Actionable love is a good measuring tool to help you ebb and flow

Actionable love will have you love and pray for your enemies

Actionable love will allow you to bask in sweet serenity

Actionable love has the ability to open up hearts to change

Actionable love infects those around you to refuse to stay the same

Tips to develop actionable love:

  1. Spend time on scriptures about love as examples and direction from God.

  2. Think about your responses before allowing fleshly frustration and irritation to lead you.

  3. Realize that the other person may have physical, mental, or emotional stress that is causing them to behave un-loveably and pray that God heightens your sensitivity and discernment to know how to love them through your encounter.

Call to Action: Think of at least 1 family member, 1 co-worker, and 1 friend who you can show more actionable love to and be intentional about doing it. Come back and share with us what happens to your relationship!

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