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Accept It

Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. - Ephesians 3:20 (NLT)

Acceptance, what does it mean

To take something offered, or to receive

To agree or comply with what is said or done

To consider as true or readily approving

But what are those things that we accept?

Are they things that we should actually reject?

You’re not qualified for this job

You can’t make money from a blog

What do you know about training someone?

Sounds like dream killers, zapping all of the fun

Are these the things we readily accept?

Things that cause us to settle or make us feel inept?

Statements that are limiting, safe, or cautious

Perspectives that make our stomach upset or nauseous

What about through Christ, you can do all things?

Or you are a royal priesthood, descendant of the King of Kings?

Through God’s power we can accomplish more than we think

How about accepting this power and not choosing to shrink?

Accept speaking in faith that a mountain should move

Accept needing no one, but our Lord and Savior to approve

Accept walking confidently in God given power and authority

Accept through obedience to Christ, the blessings and prosperity

Accept the calling God predestined for our lives

Accept the removal of negative habits and unhealthy soul ties

Accept walking into a future filled with grace, joy and liberty

Accept more than could be imagined with God’s guidance and productivity

Accept walking in faith and succeeding when they said you would fail

Accept rising from the ashes when all human help chose to bail

Accept making a U-turn from a string of bad choices in life

Accept being born again and sins washed clean through the blood of Christ

Accept moving into Leadership though that was not your personal goal

Accept being a mentor or a role model and stand in awe as God allows it to unfold

Accept faithful and steady as the pace that is consistent yet firm

Accept the many blessings and share the many lessons that have been learned

Accept being in a position to freely give and reach back to encourage someone else

Accept the responsibility and the privilege of being in position to help

Refuse the negativity, the limiting beliefs, and the acceptance of what is not God ordained

And accept the will of God, the privilege of God and what is established as God sustained


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