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The Valley

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Valley experiences are not easy, but they all do have a lesson and a purpose.

Sometimes the way seems so hopeless

The path is dark, dreary, and lifeless

It seems death and melancholy have supernatural strength

Though you fight well, they still lurk within arm’s length

You pray and it seemingly falls back unanswered and unopened

You cry out and moan, yet you feel God’s heart has become frozen

You call on your friends, but for your struggles there is no time

For really, their conversation constantly has them in the front of the line

You write out the negative to purge it all out

You speak life into everything without fear and doubt

You encourage yourself, just like the Lord taught

But your answers, your flashlight, your revelation, it is all for naught

Your spirit grows weak, but you still put up a good fight

For you know in the past, God has come through with fervor and might

You hang on to the word God did it before, and He’ll do it again

You hold tight to the hope and the love of God despite the dim and pain

You remind yourself that Jesus took the long walk to Calvary

Walking ‘the last mile’ he still went with grace, honor, and humility

He prayed and cried out to the Lord and even when it seemed he was all alone

He reflected on the many miracles God had done, and made his way back to the Godly zone

Sometimes the valley is such a dark and lonely place

That you think you are or will lose your mind, the house, and the race

So, you must remember that the valley has a lesson attached to it

Snap yourself into reality and remember that to God alone do you submit

Don’t let the valley make you bow down, agree to, or concede without God’s permission

Don’t let the valley make you second guess yourself into a very unwise decision

Don’t let the valley make you rush through a God-ordained process

Don’t let the valley make you forget to whom you have the best access

It is in the valley that you draw even closer to God for guidance and direction

It is in the valley that you learn the value of Godly self-reflection

It is in the valley that you tune into Godly discernment

It is in the valley that you see more clearly the many distractions sent to be a deterrent

It is in the valley that you surrender again and again to our one true God

It is in the valley that you spend quality time getting reacquainted with the God squad

It is in the valley that you are refined and shaped for a mighty and great work

It is in the valley that you keep calm, and do not allow the chaos around you cause you to go berserk


Praying that your valley experiences strengthen you without breaking you; reset you without you getting stuck; and empower you without stripping you of your confidence.

Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I fear no danger because you are with me. Your rod and your staff—they protect me. ~Psalm 23:4 (CEB)

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