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Withdraw for Transfers

Alone time is special time to spend quality time with God

When there is intentional alone time, quiet time, disconnect time, time to receive downloads, amazing things happen. When you quiet your spirit, you mind, and your thoughts, you have positioned yourself to actually hear the answers to the many questions you have prayed about. God is always at work around you, but sometimes, you're too pre-occupied to hear Him answer you, so you think the answer is delayed. Perhaps you are the cause for the delay? Perhaps God has answered you, but you are too busy to even notice that God has provided answers, direction, and guidance?

Withdrawing for transfers is intentionally positioning yourself to hear from God without distractions, or at least without intentional distractions. It means turning off your phone, turning on ”Do Not Disturb,” blocking apps, closing doors, going outside, meditating, whatever it takes for you to actually quiet your mind, your spirit, and your heart. I am reminded of a recent road trip vacation with family where it was a bit of a struggle to get some good quality quiet time because there were so many of us in the house together. It was great to be with the family, but I felt like I still needed some quiet time with God. On my trip home, the radio and the cigarette lighter so I could charge my phone both stopped working. All I could do was laugh at the seemingly detrimental situation, and praise God for providing me 7 hours of quality time with Him. I sang to Him all the way home, praises, prayers, adoration, and more. It was a beautiful answer to not even a prayer, but a desire! I was listening for the opportunity to spend quiet time with God and I heard Him, it was wonderful that God removed the distractions for me.

Meditation is defined as engaging in thought or contemplation; reflection. Some people need soft music to do this. Others need nature or bell sounds. Some even recite portions of scripture or some other type of mantra. However you navigate your meditation time, become very intentional about it to receive the insight and wisdom that is needed to help you grow, evolve, learn, and walk purposefully into your future. One of my phrases is Psalm 23. I recite each part slowly, visualizing each sentence.

Journaling is another form of meditation but is great to release the thoughts that are running through your head before meditating. If you have a hard time quieting your thoughts, try writing them out and asking God to quiet your spirit so you can become calm and rested in His presence to receive what He has for you. I often must journal my thoughts and ideas a couple of times a day as my mind tends to race at times about things to do, things I need to do, and things I want to do.

When withdrawing for transfers, the downloads are clear

Call To Action: The next time you are in your car, silence your phone and turn off your radio to hear what God is saying. Don’t allow the routine busyness and intentional distractions continue to block your blessings, whether in the car, the house, or even at work. Take advantage of opportunities to withdraw for transfers from God.


Before daybreak the next morning, Jesus got up and went out to an isolated place to pray. ~Mark 1:35 (NLT)

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