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Foundational Faith

Foundational faith is essential living It helps your stability, purity of heart and your ability to be forgiving. #BeatificallyFree #FoundationalFaith

And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that God exists and that he rewards those who sincerely seek him. ~Hebrews 11:6 (NLT)

Foundational faith is essential living

It helps your stability, purity of heart and your ability to be forgiving

Foundational faith grows over time

It is nurtured during mountain highs and valley lows that we call crimes

Foundational faith during the season of lack is the one that requires work

It keeps you humble, relying on God’s holy spirit to keep the flesh from going berserk

The valley that has your finances turned upside down

Or your children making you wonder if they hit their head too hard on the playground

Foundational faith during the dark times when you are begging God for some light

When you feel lost and forsaken, as if God doesn’t care about your plight

Foundational faith is what brings back to remembrance a God history that is stellar

Where you recall God leading you out as if your last name was Rockefeller

Foundational faith during times of transition, prevents doubt from taking over

Foundational faith turns uneasy into comfortable by lending God’s loving shoulder

Foundational faith reminds you of past triumphs and recalls to mind times of elation

So, when the storms come, or the valley appears faith has no moments of cessation

Foundational faith during the mountain highs is quite easy

Giving God praise and accolades is effortless when everything is peachy

During these pinnacles, all courage and strength is seemingly always right there

Foundational faith during the harvest is the least of your cares

Foundational faith rides high when in a season of reaping blessings

Yielding encouragement and support for others whose season is distressing

Foundational faith provides confidence, courage and power

That will withstand any obstacle because with God, all hindrances will cower

Foundational faith no matter the season, is the core of who you really are

Those times when you say one thing, but you don’t act on it or go too far

You know when you say, “I’m going to the bar” or “the club” or “I might as well go back.”

Your core, your spirit checks you right away, so you repent and stop talking smack

Foundational faith reminds you that you are a child of the King, the most Holy One

A God, who’s faith in you was displayed, when for you, He sacrificed His only son

Foundational faith prompts your spirit to step it up whenever it gets too comfortable

And recalls to every part of you, your source; the one true God who is incomparable

Foundational faith envelopes you and guards you even in the midst of danger

Foundational faith covers you with unrestricted love just like with Jesus in the manger

Foundational faith reminds you of every single “But God” moment

Foundational faith opens shut doors and heals what was once broken

Foundational faith holds out until walls to fall and demons flee

Foundational faith stands with courage, assurance, and fearlessly

Foundational faith looks not at what is, but calls it to be in the Spirit

Foundational faith reminds us that God has called us out for greatness, as long as to Him we continually commit


Three ways to nurture your faith:

  1. Speak It. Write It. Pray It. Thank God for the many things He has already done daily. It is easy to find blessings to be thankful to God for. (Breath of life, sound mind, mobility in body, safety on the road or while travelling long distance, etc.)

  2. Talk About It. Tell others how good God has been to you. When you repeat it, you hear it and gratitude starts all over again. Share for the purposes of glorifying God and giving the listener hope through a challenging situation they may be encounter.

  3. Remind Yourself Of It. The best way to nurture faith is to recall all of the ways your faith has gotten you through some difficult waiting seasons.

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