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Faithful Frenemies

“Beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep but are really vicious wolves. You can identify them by their fruit, that is, by the way they act. ~Matthew 7:15-16a (NLT)

According to a frenemy is a person or group that is friendly toward another because the relationship brings benefits, but harbors feelings of resentment or rivalry.

We all have frenemies, but sometimes they are a bit harder to identify. The definition indicates they harbor feelings of resentment or rivalry. However, we will use the Bible’s indication that they are really vicious wolves, meaning while they could harbor feelings of resentment or rivalry, or they could have selfish motives that have nothing to do with resentment or rivalry, but everything to do with what they feel they deserve.

Faithful frenemies, you know the type, there is one that whispers nothing but gripes

Draining your energy, pulling you down, turning your generosity into a frown

Faithful frenemies that seem to complain, leaving your mind overwhelmed with disdain

Making you feel like you are all they have, that’s part of the deceit and their gift of gab

Faithful frenemies, they know it all, except they take what you say and present it as their own call

They take your ideas which they downplayed, and turn it around as if it is something they made

Faithful frenemies, you know some too, they whisper other’s shortcomings in private to you

You know the saying about bringing you bones; don’t think you’re exempt from them taking yours home

Faithful frenemies, why do we care? Because so many are now becoming painfully aware

Being forced to confront the very hard truth that faithful frenemies could be family too

Faithful frenemies, selfish with motives that are impure meant to cause imbalance and leave you unsure

Faithful frenemies, takers who do just enough reciprocity to keep you blind and in their twisted reality

Faithful frenemies aren’t always the worst, but sometimes they need to be reset and sent in reverse

Faithful frenemies have varying levels, it’s true, but ultimately if they go or stay is all up to you

Faithful frenemies, pray about them, so you see God’s truth, then you know exactly what to do

Faithful frenemies, walk away from unhealthy toxicity, and value yourself to receive reciprocity

Faithful frenemies prey on the givers and the doers alike, they feel no remorse or guilt, only spite

Faithful frenemies succeed with help, they move forward when you put discernment on the shelf

Faithful frenemies, defeat them once you recognize their fruit, escort them out and give them the boot

Faithful frenemies, ill will and self-interest are their only focus, always pray to reveal their true motives

Faithful frenemies takes turns putting you on and off the shelf, it is your call to finally get well

By escorting them out of your life to the outermost gate along with their friends greed, anger, and hate

Faithful frenemies can be overcome by seeking God, the most Holy One

Tap into that discernment, for it really is key to everything and everyone who has access to thee

Faithful frenemies are no match for God’s Holy Ghost anointing; God is waiting to be invited to join in

Faithful frenemies are revealed by God’s perfect and pure love, which are two things they are devoid of

Faithful frenemies do not know what pure is really, they use, devour, and manipulate freely

Faithful frenemies can’t survive in the God zone, for there you are never really truly alone

Faithful frenemies get you when your energy is drained, to refute them, keep stress deveined

Work on optimism, a prayer life, and most of all prayer with God and shatter the frenemies facade

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