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Let's Talk About Love

There are two sides to love. When love stops loving you and when love is continuously flowing around you. In either case, it is up to you to decide what to do.

What if the love stops?

What do you do if love stops loving you? Do you fight and scream or do you settle in and seek out the truth? Was it something you did, something you didn't say, or was there something going on with them that kept them from being able to convey?

  • Unable to convey how much they really love you because they have never been shown or taught how to love in a healthy way.

  • Unable to convey the things that were bothering them because communication was non-existent in their surrounding habits of life.

  • Unable to convey their apology for making you feel a certain way because their ego far surpassed their reality and so in their mind, if you felt hurt, it was because of your past.

  • Unable to convey. (PERIOD) Meaning emotionally detached. Hidden behind their wounds and scars so they will never be hurt again.

If the love stops, you have two decisions. Stay in an unfulfilling, unhealthy situation and hope for the best. Or focus on you and what you need to not only survive in life, but thrive with or without that person. In either case, you have to choose what is best for you, what works for you, and what is healthy for you. Regardless of the chatter from everyone else.

Take a look at what could happen if the love stops and click on the video below:

That Agape, Unconditional, Forever Kind Of Love

Having a hard time knowing what love really is? Can't get passed the superficial, material, and all that biz? Want something deeper, but it hasn't been shown to you how to achieve it? Wonder how certain people always have peace and joy regardless of what's going on and wonder if they really mean it?

This type of love is deeper than any human connection can attain, it makes your behavior to others sometimes seem insane. How you can forgive someone who's intention was to hurt and destroy? How you can still have conversations with individuals from your past without being coy? This comes from a place that many talk about but don't really live in it. Take a look below to experience a love that is forever, unconditionally, and never quits.

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