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Fearless Flow

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline. ~2 Timothy 1:7 (NLT)

Fearless Flow causes uncertainty to dissipate #FearlessFlow #Mindset #BeatificallyFree

When things happen that are unexpected or out of your control, panic, nervousness, and overwhelm try to take residence in your thoughts, your actions, and your body. None of us are exempt from any of these things or the negative reactions they can cause us to have whether in our minds, or in our realities.

Fearless flow causes uncertainty to dissipate and allows confidence to rise up. How? There is confidence in of fearless flow. Your history assures you that you can recover from a dissolved relationship, job, or situation. Remember what has happened in the past so when uncertainty tries to rear its head, you are already armed with a plan to get you through the layoffs, relationship break up, or the unexpected debts that keep building.

Fearless flow looks at the layoffs and says “I am a royal priesthood, a holy nation” which means I have more than enough and can create more than enough to sustain me and my family.

Fearless flow looks at the relationship that has taken its last breath and says, “In the Lord, I find refuge, strength, and safety” and walks confidently into a season of single preparation for the one who is deserving.

Fearless flow looks at the financial crisis and says “In the Lord, I have put my trust, for I have willfully given God the first fruit of all of my labor” and seeks the Lord for the plan to reveal the provision.

Fearless flow looks at the Doctor who just gave the bleak diagnosis and says, “By God's stripes, I am already healed,” and proceeds to baffle the Doctors by living fearlessly.

Fearless flow has the uncanny ability to look at any negative thought, feeling, or emotion and speak new life into it. How is this possible? Fearless flow reveals many lessons, even if you don’t realize it until later down the road. When in your season of “not enough” fearless flow taught you to be resourceful, creative, and forward thinking. When in your season of “winter” for a relationship, fearless flow taught you to evaluate, reflect, and remember your value and worth. When in your season of “needing breakthrough” fearless flow taught you to plan for what is not as though it is, endure and stay the course.

Fearless flow enables you to get to that place where your spirit is quiet, and you can receive what God is saying and directing you to do. Fearless flow, looks at situations from a courageous perspective and “speaks life into dry bones.” Fearless flow speaks to mountains and they move, diseases and they disappear, and enemies and they flee.

Fearless flow refuses to allow the mind to entertain the many thoughts and outside voices that try to invade the calm residence that has been established. Fearless flow takes captive of the thoughts because it recognizes it is just another attempt to come against the fearlessness that exists.

When negativity tries to rise, use fearless flow to dispel the lies.

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