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FAST Forward

Such things were written in the Scriptures long ago to teach us. And the Scriptures give us hope and encouragement as we wait patiently for God’s promises to be fulfilled. ~Romans 15:4 (NLT)

A fast is typically defined as abstinence from food, a limiting of food as a religious observance or voluntarily preceding a medical procedure. Questions: Is it always a fast from food? Does it only apply for those conditions? Is that the only acceptable sacrifice? No, no, and you guessed it, NO.

Here’s a quote God gave me years ago that absolutely applies here. Think about how comfortable comes in many ways, but the hardest type of comfortable to upgrade is a comfortable mindset when you read it.

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A fast is intended to be abstaining from something that is an over indulgence. Many people fast from sweets, coffee, bread, or pasta. All of that is great, but what is the goal at the end of the fast? Is it to just note an accomplishment, gradually go back to the point of over indulgence or is it to transform and reset perspectives, mindsets for new beginnings? At the end of a fast, there should be greater clarity, new mindsets that shatter old limiting beliefs, and lifestyle choices that embrace limitless possibilities.

Faithful Anticipation of Supernatural Transformation should be the goal of every FAST. However, this won’t happen just from taking something away, from sacrificing those things that are enjoyed so much, or sharing with everyone on social media or in chat groups what the current fast is as if it is another ‘challenge’ to check off of the ‘list’. This FAST is less about what is being sacrificed and more about what is the forward focus. What are those things on the wish list, the want list or the bucket list that aren’t selfish? Supernatural Transformation doesn’t come from focusing on self. How can you pay it forward, give back, or help another as Jesus did? After all, Jesus didn’t experience spiritual supernatural transformation out of selfish accolades, but “because he was about His Father’s work.” Supernatural Transformation doesn’t come from being about elevating <*Insert your name here*>, nor does it come as a pat on the back at the end of the fast because you completed it as if it were a challenge. God has gifted His children to give back, pay it forward, and share His good works to encourage and inspire others to do the same. Isn’t it time to shift the focus to a FAST that has benefits beyond yourself? It is great to lose weight but do it with a friend who’s struggle with weight is greater than yours. It is wonderful to decrease debt but show some young adults or adults who should know better, but weren’t taught better, so they too can live debt free. It is amazing to build up a savings account or investor accounts but teach others small things they can do so they can build financial wealth too.

How will you FAST and use Faithful Anticipation of Supernatural Transformation to propel someone else forward?

  • Forward in their thinking to shatter limiting beliefs that they will never achieve anything or become anything more than what they have seen.

  • Forward in their behaviors to grow their faith not only in God, but also in themselves as God has faith in them to do what He has predestined them to do.

  • Forward in their actions to accompany their faith for results that are mind-blowing in their finances, in their fitness and in their families.

  • Forward in their words to speak life into dry bones, desert places, and dead ends to unhealthy or toxic relationships, habits or situations that will cease so new life can begin.

  • Forward in their hearts so it beats with intent to heal and not harm, to assist and not control.

  • Forward in unconditional love to those who have never experienced it and are as a result hard to love to break the cycle so that they may learn what unconditional love feels like and return it to others.

  • Forward in teaching, mentoring, and coaching for the purposes of seeing confidence being built, goals being achieved, and lives being transformed so they can continue to teach, mentor, or coach others into greater confidence, accomplished goals, and transformed lives.

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