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Divine Planning

A divine plan is a guaranteed plan.

Divine planning, what do you mean?

For God will determine the direction of each scene

While it is true, God’s plans and guidance lead the way

We still must do our part to divinely and purposefully slay

Divine planning requires alignment with God and His design

Which means putting in the work without waiting for it to be assigned

Dreams and visions aren’t just willed into fruition

They come to existence by way of work, dedication, commitment, and vision

Divine planning keeps us aligned with God’s ordered steps

Divine planning has a way of making simple the seemingly complex

Divine planning opens you up to God providing regular and eye-opening downloads

Divine planning prevents unnecessary and difficult crossroads

Divine planning does not mean there will not be challenges along the way

But it does mean that your connection to God will cause a nay to become a yay

Divine planning does not mean everything will just be handed to you on a platter

But it does mean that you will be positioned to receive the assistance when it matters

Divine planning is often taken for granted

For the flesh and the ego can often cause pride and arrogance to appear enchanted

Divine planning is a daily routine just like brushing your teeth and washing your body

For divine planning keeps you polished, exquisite, stable and not shoddy

Divine planning takes time spent with God each day

Divine planning provides grace and mercy if there is a period where you stray

Divine planning is the way for any Christian to maintain consistency

Divine planning always results in blessings from God and often liberally


We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps. ~ Prov. 16:9 (NLT)

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